29 years of experience in the food industry

The predecessor to GLOBÁL-VÉP Kft. was established by László Czellahó in 1968. The management of the cooperatives in Nézsa and Nógrád decided to set up an individual branch in addition to the traditional agricultural activities (crop production, livestock farming, dairy production) in order to implement their own investments. The chairs of the two cooperatives entrusted László Czellahó with the task of establishing the branch. The unit started its operation with 30 people and began to grow dynamically. Due to its rapid development, the branch already operating with 100 people by 1970, and was transformed into a separate, self-accounting unit which later became known in the area as Nézsai TÖVÁLL. The company was growing fast, and by the early 1980s, having gone through several transformations, it already employed 560 people. The company received the award for “Outstanding Agricultural Association” four times.

By 1983, the company operated multiple sub-branches. The agreement concluded with the Pécs Department of the Hungarian Dairy Research Institute was a defining moment in our lives and allowed us to enter the food industry. Since before the regime change, the town of Drégelypalánk was known for growing berries, the first step was logical: producing fruit preparations for the dairy industry. This was followed by the establishment of the spice paste manufacturing unit which provided spices for the whipped butter developed by the Pécs Research Institute.

The next and most significant step which opened new perspectives, was the construction of the colloid production facility. Based on the developments of the Pécs Research Institute, our company started the production of hydrocolloid mixtures for the dairy, meat and canning industries in 1985. After the regime change in 1989, the entire group had to be reorganised, since it could not function in its previous form anymore. On 29 December 1989, as a successor of the previous company, GLOBÁL-VÉP Kft. was founded as a 100% Hungarian-owned family business. Since 1993, we have been carrying out our developments in our own R+D laboratory and manufacturing our products in our production plant. These developments are still managed by the former employees of the Pécs Research Institute. Our aim is to develop novel technologies and product compositions for the food industry, as well as produce closely related modern additive mixtures and spice blends. In 2005, our company started producing soup powders and condiments.

From 2018, our key objective has been to shift towards “clean label”, vegan and functional products, as well as expand our line of soup powders and place them on the Western European markets. The use of herbs in the food industry is also a priority task and research topic. It is a natural advantage for our company to place a lot of energy in the above mentioned research topic and formulate ideas that go beyond our current activities, and using our natural potential enable the production of independently developed products in the near future.

Development of product compositions for the food industry

Food industry technologies

Development of novel technologies and product compositions for the food industry in our own R+D laboratory

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Food industry developments

Optimised mixtures

Production of optimised mixtures for the dairy, meat, fruit, canning, pastry, bakery and confectionery industries

Production of complete food mixtures in Hungary

We can ensure that your ideas will become real.

Our services include:

  • Recommendations for technology and product composition based on continuous
  • Technical consultancy and servicing
  • Development of individual projects
  • Carrying out on-site demo production
  • Provision of high-quality products

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