The ZUPPI brand

Thanks to its continuous development, GLOBÁL-VÉP Kft. started producing high-quality soup powders and condiments in 2005, in addition to the production of complete food mixtures, additive mixtures and spice blends.

As a first step, the company entered the markets with three product lines in order to meet market needs. The La Souplette product line represented the category of products available for all consumers. The COOP soups were made for the upper mid-range markets. The Doumets soup powders, our unique product line, occupied the highest market position. The Doumets products consist exclusively of natural ingredients, do not contain additives with E numbers, hydrogenated vegetable fat, artificial flavour enhancers, aromas or colouring.

In 2008, the company’s management decided to create a private label product line in the category of traditional soup powders. This is how we created the line of ZUPPI soup powders which currently includes eight products:

  • ZUPPI Hungarian goulash soup with pinched noodles
  • ZUPPI Beef bouillon Palóc style with noodles
  • ZUPPI Semolina ball soup with vegetable semolina balls
  • ZUPPI Liver ball soup with noodles
  • ZUPPI Újházi chicken soup with noodles
  • ZUPPI Creamy cheese soup
  • ZUPPI Cherry soup
  • ZUPPI Berry soup

In the course of developing the product lines, our experts at the R+D laboratory strived to make the soups unique in both their flavours and contents. In addition to their home-made taste, the products are also characterized by high vegetable content. Our engineers achieved this home-made taste by reducing the amount of aroma, colouring and flavour enhancers and increasing the amount of traditional spices. Certain products contain as many as 30-35 ingredients, mostly spices and high-quality, hand-selected dried vegetables.

Another major benefit of our products is the fact that they do not contain hydrogenated vegetable fat or preservatives. In the course of our developments, we strived to ensure that the salt content of our products just reaches the required amount and that the low-salt content is still not disturbing. The result is a line of soup powders with a harmonic, unique home-made taste, which is not only available in the Hungarian market, but has also been introduced in Romania and Slovakia.

We plan to continuously expand the product line based on our customers’ needs. Our additional goal is to introduce our soup powders in Western Europe, in addition to the Eastern European markets. These pursuits require us to continue ensuring that our products are always characterised by their rich flavours, high vegetable content and high quality.

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